Wednesday 25 December 2013

Understanding Guitars

Have you ever wondered the differences that justify which category the guitar would be in or the sound it would make?
electric guitar

For example, when we talk about  Acoustic guitars, they do not require an amplifier to make them louder, this is because they are generally loud enough to accompany the player itself or someone else on their own. They generally are fitted with a pickup which enables them to be amplified.

acoustic guitars

For many years, there have been the standard vocal accompaniment for many years particularly around the turn of the 20th century by slaves and field workers singing the blues and they developed from there. 

How to determine the sound of a Guitar?

 There are several accepted body shapes: the Dreadnought, '000', '00', jumbo and OM. Among them OM (orchestra models) is the most traditional. In addition to these, there are models which are perfect for auditorium, Concert and Symphony.

There are various factors by which we can determine the sound of the guitar:

·         One of them is body shape. The Jumbo and Dreadnought has a deep, fuller sound, whilst the '00', '000' and the orchestra has a brighter sound.

·         This is not the only factor which determines the sound because the type of wood used for the back and sides and the top also makes a huge difference to the sound. Woods such as Mahogany, rosewood and Ziricote generally produce a deep sound and woods such as Maple and Koa produces a bright sound.

 For example, if you had a Jumbo with back and sides made from Mahogany and top of Cedar then  it would be having full and deep sound, whereas a '00' made completely from Koa then it would be having extremely bright and clear sound.

If you ever need help or advise when selecting the perfect guitar, remember we are there!!

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