Wednesday 25 December 2013

Understanding Guitars

Have you ever wondered the differences that justify which category the guitar would be in or the sound it would make?
electric guitar

For example, when we talk about  Acoustic guitars, they do not require an amplifier to make them louder, this is because they are generally loud enough to accompany the player itself or someone else on their own. They generally are fitted with a pickup which enables them to be amplified.

acoustic guitars

For many years, there have been the standard vocal accompaniment for many years particularly around the turn of the 20th century by slaves and field workers singing the blues and they developed from there. 

How to determine the sound of a Guitar?

 There are several accepted body shapes: the Dreadnought, '000', '00', jumbo and OM. Among them OM (orchestra models) is the most traditional. In addition to these, there are models which are perfect for auditorium, Concert and Symphony.

There are various factors by which we can determine the sound of the guitar:

·         One of them is body shape. The Jumbo and Dreadnought has a deep, fuller sound, whilst the '00', '000' and the orchestra has a brighter sound.

·         This is not the only factor which determines the sound because the type of wood used for the back and sides and the top also makes a huge difference to the sound. Woods such as Mahogany, rosewood and Ziricote generally produce a deep sound and woods such as Maple and Koa produces a bright sound.

 For example, if you had a Jumbo with back and sides made from Mahogany and top of Cedar then  it would be having full and deep sound, whereas a '00' made completely from Koa then it would be having extremely bright and clear sound.

If you ever need help or advise when selecting the perfect guitar, remember we are there!!

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Acoustic Guitars – Helping Composers Create Great Music That Touches the Soul

In the modern times, the guitar has emerged as one of the most popular musical instruments especially amongst the younger generation of music lovers and composers. However, like in case of other musical instruments, choosing the right kind of guitar is extremely important to ensure high quality of the music it produces. There are few reputed online portal that provides a wide range of guitars including, brass, electrical and even acoustic guitars, manufactured in accordance with the highest standards of quality.

Musical nights with Guitars
Whether it is a Jazz performance or a rock-music night, a guitar is surely the primary musical instrument supported by the performing singers. Professional performers are most likely to choose the best jazz guitars for an ultimate performance. It is a common misconception that such performers achieve this high level of perfection by using the acoustic electric guitars for practice. It is believed that these guitars are a lot more difficult to play and hence make the hands and fingers of players strong enough to play any other instrument with ease.

One stop solution guitar stores
There are few guitar stores which are considered as one stop shop for music lovers and composers looking for a well tuned and high quality guitar. Here you can find guitars form well-known musical brands such as Gibson, but also a number of second hand guitars, which are still in a good condition to produce truly awe-inspiring music. When your search is for a good guitar old or new then it's time to contact these firms for sure.

Monday 18 November 2013

Choose The Right Guitar That Suits Your Musical Taste And Budget

Music is perceived and understood by different people in different ways, which is why the choice of a perfect musical instrument varies for every individual. For most youngsters, today, guitar presents a great a means of giving voice to their musical creativity and imagination. So choosing the right guitar that they feel really excited to play is extremely important for such people. At top guitar stores, music composers and lovers can find a collection of different types and styles of guitars that suit not only their musical taste, but also provide them with a creative satisfaction.

Gibson Electric Guitar

Creation of music
What type of music you create depends largely on your individual preference and liking. However, your choice of instrument also plays a vital role as all instruments are unique in their own way. Moreover, musical instruments tend to become an extension of your own self with time, which makes it extremely difficult for you to create a similar effect form a different instrument. So you might not feel the same satisfaction when composing music with a Fender electric guitar as what you get when composing with a Gibson electric guitar, even though both are extremely high quality musical instruments.

People who choose reputed stores online to purchase a guitar of their choice are offered with a great choice of these specially crafted musical instruments both in the branded and second hand categories.  It is always beneficial to buy guitar from a reputed firm to get the best product.

Tuesday 12 November 2013

The World of Guitars

Different kinds of acoustic electric guitars are available in the market but for a beginner, an acoustic guitar is best. These kinds of guitars do not need any external amplification and are ideal for some folk, classical and some rock music. 
Acoustic Electric Guitar

Tuesday 1 October 2013

Niche guitars - Terry Pack Guitars

Niche guitars was created by Terry Pack, whos love for music led him to supply the finest second hand guitars as well as his own branded items to the general public.

Terry has been in the guitar business for more than 45 years, as a retailer, a distributor, a manufacturer and a musician.

A bit of history about Terry-
In the 70’s ,Terry was responsible for producing the first handmade custom, solid rosewood, electric guitars, known as Pack Leaders. He later became a distributor for many famous International brands, including BC Rich, Polytone Amps etc., and in the 80’s he spent many years scouring the USA for vintage electric and acoustic guitars. 
It was in the late 80’s he developed a genuine appreciation and a preference for acoustic guitars and this led to his desire to produce a new machine made brand that could play great, look great, sound great and be affordable and so, some years later, he founded Turner guitars.
Now he has designed and produced his very own label. Totally hand made from the finest tonewoods, in a ‘boutique’ workshop in Vietnam, it has that ‘special’ quality of feel and sound that normally only comes from a few guitar makers who have spent their lives developing and improving their craft. It comes with a lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship and/or materials and a free annual set up.

So if you, like Terry share the absolute appreciation towards acoustic guitars and specialist guitars or simply to even purchase a quality used electric guitar, he has something that will suit your taste and budget.

Friday 27 September 2013

Welcome to our Blog

Niche Guitars is a specialist guitar company set up by Terry Pack to offer rare and collectible guitars at great prices and to run alongside his own high quality, hand made acoustic SJRS, PLRS, OMRC guitar models. 

As well as sourcing some fine USA guitars, Niche Guitars offer an excellent range of exclusive Terry Pack guitar necks and cases, at extraordinary prices.

Please feel free to contact me anytime, head over to the website or leave a comment, but most importantly stay tuned for updates.

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Terry Pack